Interestingly compare the Swedes’ loan debt and savings over time

This with savings and loans is something that is always relevant. Do we borrow Swedes too much? Do we save too little? This is especially relevant when there are bad economic times and people worry about the future. What we can say is that debt has increased more or less constantly over the last 20 […]

Dispo capping is off the table: Roll over instead of waiting for the policy

The “Dispo-cover” was in the coalition negotiations quickly off the table. Not even a symbolic limitation was included in the coalition agreement. Bank customers with a covered checking account should not hope for the state, but should become active themselves. The low level of interest rates for installment loans makes it possible to save a […]

Banks abolish penalty interest: Will the credit line become customer-friendly?

With Metabank and the savings bank subsidiary 21Directaloan, two prominent direct banks have abolished the penalties for tolerated overdrafts. However, bank customers should not break their credit line: there are still many potential disadvantages. A “disinvolvement revolution” in favor of chronically unstable bank customers is – with regard to the banking market only on a […]