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Debt collectors transform small debts into large debts

When your debt ends up with a debt collection company, you may want to fix a debt repayment plan. However, it is far from always a particularly good plan and it can often be that you get a much bigger debt overall when it comes to debt collection than you initially had. Doesn’t it feel […]

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More do not pay their micro credit

The fact that it has been customary that micro-credit are not paid and goes to Kronofog is not new. However, unfortunately the trend that was positive has now turned. When micro credit went down again in the middle of the 1990s, the number of cases at Kronofog also increased rapidly when it came to people […]

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We explain loans and compare interest rates.

  It is not uncommon for a particular type of loan to go under several different names and this is precisely the case with the word blanc loan. Here on the site we have chosen to use the slightly more common word loan instead. This is actually exactly the same type of loan which means […]

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