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Demand for loans and debt financing through Good Finance is constantly increasing. Right now, Bank of Good Finance and E-Money Bank are the most popular when it comes to applying for loans for debt financing.

Debt financing usually means that you settle your existing loans and credits by taking out a new loan where you collect your loans. This way you lower the monthly cost and get more money over to another.

Debt financing through Bank of Good Finance

Debt financing through Bank of Good Finance

Bank of Good Finance is popular as a lender in terms of debt financing. This is mainly due to the high maximum loan amount of $ 600,000, which is enough to solve many small loans and expensive credits, but it is also true that Bank of Good Finance has a positive view of borrowers / customers even though they have a history of little worse economic conditions.

Bank of Good Finance does not accept that you have payment remarks or debts with Kronofogden. However, if you have a decent income but a little too many requests at UC than other banks can tolerate, it does not have to put a stop to a loan from Bank of Good Finance. It is also a bank where it is easier to get credit cards with a high credit limit.

Debt financing despite payment note and debt at Kronofogden

Debt financing despite payment note and debt at Kronofogden

At E-Money Bank you can apply for a restart loan even if you have both payment notes and debt with Kronofogden. The special thing about restructuring loans is that it partly has a limit on the maximum loan amount, but that at the same time a security is required for the loan, in the form of a home that you own.
Having a co-applicant when applying for a restructuring loan is an advantage as it becomes very much easier to pass the credit assessment with a co-applicant who also stands for the loan. Often, you also get better terms and lower interest rates with a co-applicant.

You can also apply for regular private loans without collateral


And credit cards at E-Money Bank, which also they tend to look more favorably even on borrowers / customers who do not have a perfect past in their credit history.
Obviously, you are looking to manage your finances well ahead of time is a prerequisite and if it is not a restructuring loan you are applying for, you cannot have any debt with the Kronofogdemyndynditet or payment remarks.

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