Debts are increasing among girls

Younger girls have started to have more and more problems with debt. Often this is because they shop a lot of clothes and the like that they can’t really afford. The men still shop for larger amounts overall, but it is often about more expensive technology gadgets, cars and motorcycles. For the girls, for example, impulse purchases on credit make it so.

The problems are partly due to the fact that it gives status to wearing expensive stylish clothes and having “the right things” etc. When you do not really feel that you know who you are, it can be tempting to try to buy yourself an identity and status by shopping for branded items. This has also come into focus more now that there are many fashion blogs where young girls show off everything they buy.


Another thing in the drama is the online stores

Another thing in the drama is the online stores

Or at least it’s so easy to buy clothes nowadays. You can easily click home lots of stylish clothes directly on the Internet from your own computer. It becomes easy to buy more than you should and not really control the money. In addition, several clothing stores online offer that you can pay off your purchases. This means that you can shop even if you do not have enough money. However, the interest rate on such installment purchases is almost always really high.

Once you start buying on credit and have expensive costs each month that exceed what you can afford to pay, the closest solution might be to take out a loan to afford to pay back. Then you solve the problems in the short term but instead you also get loans that also have to be paid interest, which in the long term makes it more expensive and more expensive. This is especially true if you continue to buy clothes and other things without really being able to afford it.


Our tip is that you should never buy something that you know you really can’t afford

Our tip is that you should never buy something that you know you really can

And that you should try to have a good overview of your finances so that you know what you actually have to put on clothes and other gadgets and amusements every month . This can, for example, be achieved with a good budget estimate so that you get an overview of your finances. Another good tip is to avoid all purchases on credit and small loans if possible, as these are usually always expensive.

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